a super early start for work today at United Square. it was tiring and mentally gruelling to be judging a competition and going through the entire process 6 times. by the end of it all, im so ready to flop.

but, a dinner date with ant i had. struggled i did to orchard road to meet him.

one of his first few questions upon seeing me. how many hours have u been sleeping on an average recently? it’s a hint to say my skin looks bad and i LOOK haggard. this shouldnt be the age to grow old so fast… was his wise wise words.

i wish i could say i didnt want to grow, have bad skin and stress the shit outta myself. but medical debts i have to clear, and intentions of independent financial stability.

and to think i still have to churn out a few reports of figures later tonight cos i havent been in the office for the last 1.5 days. i feel so small and vulnerable.

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