i woke up before the alarm rang this morning. i had a bad dream, again. i’ll rather not go into specifics of the dream, but it’s been recurring for a while now. sometimes, the settings in the dream is different. sometimes, the series of events that happened in the dream is different. but the main cast and the message is always the same. why am i getting the same message in my dream over and over again these days? and recurring at a high frequency as compared to the past? it’s affecting me, i wont deny it. but why? why is this happening?

i wonder if its my subscious mind that playing a trick. or that my daily (invisible) fretting is causing it. can we control our dreams? why do we have dreams? will our daily (unduly) worries be snowballed into a big problem without us realising it and it comes back to haunt and torment us in our dreams?

some people say dreams reflect what we think in the day. some say if you dream of it, it’ll never happen in real life. then what abt deja vu cases then? i had had dreams that unfolded itself right in my eyes in the reality world.

needless to say.. it ruffled me from my sleep and im feeling listing (ermm, i meant listless!)the whole morning now.

can someone kill my curiosity and tell me what is happening to me? =(