jen reminded me with her entries on a very cute japanese meal i had about 3 weeks ago.. i have been wanting to blog about it.. but you know.. work and sleep seemed more important to me these days. i could hardly stay awake the moment i get home!

anyway, back to the japanese meal. it was at this shop called Moggi, located at Far east plaza. the whole shop had got the cute japanese feel to it and the server also look quite kawaii! anyway, you place your order through the “vending machines”, pay the vending machines, get a receipt and then wait for your number to be called.

here’s what i ate for kawaii sake. can you tell it’s a teddy bear?

while fiona and jen had subway to munch, we managed to convince 3 big guys to try the rest of the sets to amuse us!

and so.. this is what johnny had.. so cute! it’s a caterpillar!

just realised that pictures of the food that howard and “pang ge ge” had are in another camera. urgh. too lazy to load.. but anyway, we ate the cutest bento set ever!

so.. the food is so-so. i rated it a 6. portions were meagre, i find it a tad dry and expensive.. but the innovative factor is there. won’t buy it a second time though, unless i try other bento sets.


just looking at the bento pictures makes me smile.

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