ever since the first visit to the pd, we have started Jerome on partial formula milk to bring down the jaundice. with his condition which renders it harder for him to break down the jaundice, I was more than willing to agree with the plan. anything that’s best for baby. we have also started him suntanning him twice a day, in the early mornings and evenings.


unfortunately, the weather isn’t coorperative lately. it’s been raining non stop so no sun!

I’m loving the ease of caring for a newborn. Jerome wakes up promptly every 3 hours for his milk feed and plonks back into dreamland once his hunger is satiated. easy peasy. not much fuss, no demands and not much attention required. me likey.

snoozing baby. I could just lie around him and observe all day, but I really don’t have the luxury.

not when I have a hyper toddler running around all the time and pull stunts like this. carrying his toy car and going down the stairs at the same time, or getting into some other kind of mischief every other minute.


like this.

climbing onto the baby cot and ripping out all my wall decals. see my sun up there missing some rays?! sigh. I give up. it’s karma. my mum must have felt the same when I was a kid climbing around.

back to jerome. after a few days of sunning & formula milk, he started developing angry little red blotches on his face.


and then it got worse by the day..

the photo doesn’t look that bad but it has prompted my mum urging me to quickly bring him to the pd (even though he is only due tomorrow). so I bundled him off this afternoon.

great news! he gained more weight in the last 4 days! it’s somehow soothing to see the weight increase on the scale.. and probably the only time a women will feel happy with incremental weight gain (haha!).


the other great news is.. his jaundice levels dropped from 11.1 to 9.6. even with the lack of sun in the last 2 days. fantastic news, I tell ya.


so, the rash is probably caused by heat so we were told to apply a rash cream (which we already have at home) and was cleared till his first month visit. both the husband and me were on cloud nine and trooped home happily.

and oh, I’m so loving Jerome’s nails. they are so pretty and seriously, a manicurists dream. too bad he’s not a girl else I’ll be giving him manicures all the time!


meanwhile, the full month party planning is in progress! nailed the venue, nailed the caterer (waiting for address from husb to place order), order the traditional cakes from gim thye that many love to serve on the actual day. now to finalize the guests list and order the cakes/full month boxes for the relatives. oh. and shopping for his full month party gear and we are set!


also found the photographer for the newborn shoot. I’ll be engaging Ashley from ashleylowphotography to do the shoot this Saturday (thanks for accommodating on such a tight schedule) and thanks to for the recommendation.


Hmm. I feel accomplished. did I miss out anything?