jerry just finished day 4 of childcare and over the few days, there were a little progress along the way, everyday. both daddy & me were proud of his little achievements because im sure, its a big thing someone his age!


on day 1, we hung around for about 2hrs and snuck away while he was playing with toys at childcare. it was only for 2 hours and just enough time for us to have eat breakfast and pop over to our new abode to check on the renovation progress. we brought him home after he had his bath and before the nap time. no tears.


on day 2, der & me accompanied the kiddo and der left for work first while I hung around. I attempted to leave a couple of times but got spotted by jerry. I did manage to leave after a while and we wanted to attempt to have him nap with his peers today. it didnt happen, when everyone was sleeping, he hopped around everyone and freaking the teachers out. he went around “shushing” the others who still had their eyes open and even went to pat one of his classmate’s backside! in the end, I had to bring him home! I was assured by every teacher I met and even the centre supervisor that he is coping very very well! I reckon its very good news for me!

day 3 – we brought him in earlier so he would be tired for the nap. we also didnt sneak away. we said bye bye but he didnt want us to go. we left when he was distracted with toys, but since we did say our bye byes before that and told him I’ll be back for him in the evening.. i hope it did register in him that mama had said bye. when I checked back on him during nap time, he was sleeping along with the rest. good work! little progression, day by day. just when I thought I could take a nice long nap back home, the school called and said jerry woke up crying and looking for me! gasp! I made a trip to the school to distract him from waking the rest of the kids (nap time isnt over yet) and ended up hanging around for 3 hours. I felt like I was working part time at the centre! the other kiddos keep coming to me to make conversations. too cute! at 4pm, I decided its time to bring him home mainly cos I am very very tired from entertaining the kids!


day 4 (today). I bade him goodbye at home and have the husb dropped him. he happily said bye bye and even blew me kisses. awww… the husb accompanied him for a while, said goodbye to him and left. no tears! the husb also updated that he did participate in the activities today and he felt proud of his little son.  I told the teachers not to call me today, and just let him be. I was told to bring him home at 4-4.30pm. when I swung by at 420pm, he was busy playing by himself! his classmates spotted me and started screaming. . and when he spotted me.. he broke into happy grins and ran to the windows. but soon, his face changed when he realised im out of reach.. haha! the teacher brought him out and he was dragging him bag and cannot wait to leave with me. today, he did very well, woke up earlier than the rest of the kids (he’s a light sleeper), did cry after his nap for a while hut was alright after that. I cant be more proud of him.


tomorrow, we are going to do the drop off at the door. I hope everything goes well!


meanwhile, can I just say that I am super thankful that the timing is perfect that I am still on maternity. I cannot imagine if it was a week at work. I wouldnt have been able to check on him so frequently and slowly ease him into his new routine.


ending this post with a picture taken this morning.

I can never figure why the husband always put on his uniform before brushing his teeth. my man is weird!