still a little dazed, a little unfamiliar. takes a bit in getting back to the groove! a little rusty, perhaps.

but, i can feel the waves coming towards me.

it’s a juggle, motherhood and work. last night, jerry decided to torture me by waking up a total of 3 grand times. never in the past 3 months has that happened since he had progressed to sleeping through the night after the first month. maybe once, maybe twice, but never before 3 times in a night.

maybe he is also trying to settle into a new routine. without mummy in his lives as much. without much snuggles and kisses from me. or maybe i read too much into it. he did survive 2 weeks without me while i was away, no? (i didn’t ask my mum if she had any troubles about sleep issues. must remember to ask her)

he seemed to grow a little different when i got home last night. and i SWEAR it wasn’t my imagination.

it’s lunch time. but i was hoping the clock fast forward to knock-off time so that i can be back home to rest (i need sleep) and of cos, spend a short window of time with the baby before day 3 of work beckons.

i am more tired than ever. and everyone is telling me it’s will get better. i feel, i think, i might just get more tired as the days roll into weeks, and into months.

hopefully, i am wrong.

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