My outfit for the day.

Brought x.silly out with me for a day of adventure, though I actually didn’t really do much. By the time we got out of the apartment, it was way past noon and we were famished!

Typical street of shanghai. Barren trees with nice weather (it’s spring now)..

We headed to 佳家汤包 for lunch, recommended by my colleague, bev. I had no idea where we were actually because we took a cab to the outlet we went (Bernice gave the instructions) because that particular outlet has a higher rating. I later found out there was an outlet just round the corner from our apartment. Ha!

There wasn’t much drinks options for me since non-carbonated cold drinks are not common in china and unless I opt for hot Chinese tea, so I had to make do with sprite..

We each gobbled down 12 yummy little things and each tray cost only sgd $2! How affordable is that? We also had a seaweed soup to go along (sgd 80 cents!). I did find the meat a little porky smelling but I also realized throughout the entire trip that the porky smell is evident in all things pork.

With our tummies filled up, i dragged bernice to randomly trawl the streets and checked out the surroundings. we then popped over to the animal market where rows and rows of animals are for sale.. It was one of the items on my list of to-dos.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, frogs, tortoises, crickets, worms, chickens and all.. Interesting sight, but I couldn’t really quite stand the smell..

Some species of albino looking frog that freaked Bernice out.

Is this extinct or something?! I only saw one on sale in the market..

Pretty locust, waiting to be sold. Reminds me of bug’s life..

The rabbits are oh so adorable! The dogs were the most poor thing because they were kept in small cages.. I don’t think I ever want to keep a pet anymore (with the exception of fishes) because I think it’s just very sad to see them go.

Right across the street is the antiques market, another item on my checklist. This street is amazing. I saw loads of childhood toys, and one of the dolls triggered memories of my own.

Don’t we all have a doll like that when we were young? Ok. You could tell how old I am now…

I love these telephones. My grandpa’s place still uses one tho..

I was sooo soooo tempted to bring back one of these luggages!

Check these ancient cameras out!

There were also art pieces available for sale..

And status of a particular prominent figure..

We walked and walked and found ourselves on familiar grounds. Turns out, we walked it way back to the vicinity of the apartment.

Coco bubble tea, a happy drink to perk up out day..

Our babies (we brought them out to play) had a rest and enjoyed the drinks.

And of cos, I had to drag Bernice into a HK cafe to eat my favorite roast goose leg! She wasn’t hungry and totally amazed at my appetite.

Yummy stuff at Tai Hong HK cafe.

Met an accident with an alligator in the mall! Omg, I lingered around the mall for a whole before we quickly headed back to refresh ourselves before our dinner appointment with Bernice’s hubby colleagues.

Us, at 寿宁路 for the mini lobsters, scallops and BBQ food. The entire street stink of smelly bean curd and filled with hagglers getting you to enter their shop.

Jasmine and me.

Our food. The scallops were huggggggeee!! The oysters were damn yummy as well. We all had a few rounds of this sinful seafood before calling it quits. Other BBQ stuff that we had.

Post dinner drinks at kabb, at Xin tian di. The place to go to see the olden architecture of shikumen. Rounded up our drinks only at 1am+ but the night didn’t end there..

We karaoked till 4am in the morning. I almost died but was really enjoying myself though. Feels young and ‘happening’ all over again. Heh. Tells you a lot about how boring my lifestyle is.

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