Gosh, first things first.. The weather these days are a killer! I could hardly bear a moment out of my air-conditioned room. Thank goodness I am allowed to on my air-con, if not.. I’ll die of heat stroke first!

The other simple pleasure is bathing everyday. I never looked forward to bathing with so much anticipation before, but I am only allowed to bathe once a day, with only half a pail of herb water boiled by my mum. A true test of my water saving skills (especially with my long long mane) but I have survived well thus far. Though it does take a bit getting used to using some black colored water to bathe, and a scoop! Had to spend time blow-drying my hair each day too, making sure its completely dry. Washing my hands, brushing my teeth also became much more inconvenient because I can only used ‘boiled’ water to do those tasks. Funny how der kept telling me it’s a precious waste of drinking water! He keeps wanting to drink it! today, I found a better way to recycle the water. I used all the water for sterilizing the milk bottles for hand washing!

I seriously missed drinking water! My mum boils red dates and longan tea and it has been mandated that I cannot drink anything else other than that, ok except maybe Milo and hollicks for breakfast, which I have yet to take any because I am soooooo tired in the mornings.

I sorta settled into a routine – pump milk every 2-3 hrs, nap in between sometimes (I am forever sleepy and tired!), and take turns to ‘watch’ the baby while he sleeps and go on a frenzy diary recording of each poo/pee/feed timing/milk pumping and quantity and try to predict what is going to happen next or when the baby is waking up for the next feed. My mum usually shoo me off to bed since most of the time I am in pain and could hardly walk.

Sitting down is becoming a near impossible feat for me, not sure why but the wound hurts like mad when I sit (with the body weight pressing down on it) so the only comfortable position is lying down on my stomach and my sides. Even squatting down is not an easy task right now. I have taken to loiter restlessly around the house now, staring at the chairs/sofa and wanting to sit down but with each attempt, I land up going ‘ouch’!

My biggest fear now? Moving my bowels. It’s so damn painful that I think I rather constipated to death. I got stool softener from the doc but it doesn’t seemed to be helping. It still bloody hurts like mad! Der hears me scream each time when I go to the toilet – especially when I wash up the wound with antiseptic after each pee/poo. I cannot comprehend why the wound hurts more with each passing day. The doc said the same thing but isn’t it supposed to be better as it heals? Because of the pain, I walk funny too. Have also been experiencing a little of urine incontinence and was told it’s because my bladder is too full. I also super hate the urge to want to sneeze/cough. It involuntarily stretches the wound and I’ll scream after each cough/sneeze.

Gawd, know what? I think I sound like quite a loser.

Milk flow is slowly increasing (yay!) but the frequency of feed that my baby needs is still exceeding my demand. I don’t even have the chance to build any reserves yet despite being super diligent in pumping my milk and doing whatever it takes to increase the flow – massage, hot compress etc. Jerry just wakes and consumes the supply. Hopefully, come tomorrow, it’ll be better.

The hubby is heading back to work after tomorrow. I am so not looking forward to that because I think I’ll be super duper tired when he’s gone.

Bring Jerry to the pd tomorrow, hopefully all is fine. He’s a little yellow so I’m hoping that he doesnt need to be admitted for jaundice or something. Keeping my fingers crossed else I won’t know what to do since der is 1hr drive away in Msia when he works and I am immobile and won’t be able to pop to the hospital to give my milk or anything like that unless I take a cab to & fro.

Enough about me. Just interesting facts about my baby boy.

The way he sleeps is just so cute!

Look at his legs, hahaha! Am loving his cute little toes and fingers. They are so tiny and I think his fingers resembles mine, with long nail beds. And hmm.. He does have some really long nails and it makes me wonder if he has left ‘scratch-marks’ in my womb!

Ok baby, it’s a promise! =)

Heh. Guess what? He sleeps just like I do!

Small little mouse for company.

My ultraman sun-tanning in the morning.

he says.. Its too bright! Can someone shut the lights please?!

The past few days has been so tiring, my neck ad shoulders are aching non stop. I really must salute those that has more than one kid. How is it possible to manage all of that? A lot of help and support is definitely required.

I am so ready to crash and sleep, but am still pumping away… The hubby? Konked out even though he is supposed to be on duty today.

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