We obviously didn’t wake up till late morning from the late night karaoke.

It was a chilly day so I wore a knit dress With leggings and layered over my jacket. I think I looked gloomy with the colors I brought over and the dark mirror I took my picture in.

Apple store at Huai hai (m) road. It’s at the connecting building adjacent to our apartment, a 2-storey high store but not the biggest available here.

Traffic light. Be warned, did you see it’s half red and half green? Apparently you are supposed to cross half and wait for the other half. It’s sooooo misleading that I think I almost got myself killed a few times. Plus, the traffic here is horrendous! I suggest you be real careful on the roads and watch out for traffic at any time even if the lights are in your favor. These people don’t follow the traffic rules. They still drive across when the red lights are on. Amazing.

Our lunch at guilin ground rice noodle shop. The noodles look yummy, but I find the soup version a bit bland, the fried version way too oily and porky to swallow so I left most of it untouched. I simply don’t learn. I keep forgetting and kept ordering the porky dishes. I should hold them off! =(

It was meant to be a museum visiting day as we walked our way there from the apartment. Took this on top of a 4-way connecting bridge and had an old man lean really close to me and freaked Bernice out. I seriously was unaware, trying to capture a picture of the bustling city. This was, however the only picture I got cos Bernice dragged me away from the guy and he started trying to chat us up and was half following after us. We broke into a run down the steps and disappeared into a group of tourists..

The shanghai museum. Can you see that snaking queue on the right? On a WEEKDAY? I cannot quite believe it but I wasn’t hung up on visiting the artifacts anyway. Just thought it would be nice to look around, but no way am I going to join that long queue under the sun.

Us, taking a shot as souvenir.

There were huge grass patches and beautiful flowers planted all over. It not for the gloomy sky (not sure if it’s fog or pollution), and the constant honking of the traffic, it looks like a serene place to lie and roll around for a picnic or a good read.

The pavements around the museums is huge. I think 5 elephants can walk side by side. We detoured back to the apartment as Bernice’s shoes where giving her blisters..

Humping turtles, taken at the park near the apartment.

I find it a pretty spot amidst skyscrapers, especially when greenery is not common in a concrete jungle like shanghai.

We wanted to pop over to shanghai urban planning museum thereafter, but we were lost in the underground area where there were loads and loads is tiny booth/cart shops that sells a lot of interesting stuff (something to the likes of our far east plaza) and seriously, when we emerged, it was night time.. We bought nothing except 4 crystal looking hand phone casings customized, I also got my nails painted while waiting for the hand phone covers to be ready.

The underground tunnels were a tad confusing for a first time visitor. There were many exits and when we emerged, it was raffles city (by capitaland!!) and my first impression was.. The basement looked exactly like our tampines mall!! It was all the eateries and shops in the same layout. And the tenants within the malls are so similar to our Singapore shops. Check this out..

I just had to take this and show the husband because he kept asking me.. Never see Charles and Keith meh?!

The hand phone covers we got..

My nails. They aren’t exactly cheap but I did it because I was bored.

We had dinner with Lynn (Bernice’s singaporean friend who happened to come to shanghai for a work trip) at her hotel (ritz carlton). Dinner was at element and I couldn’t really find something to eat cos there were a lot of salad on the menu and I was super hungry. Heh.

My steak burger. A burger is one of the last things I would order from a menu so you could tell how deprived I was feeling! The food was not bad though..

The night ended with us chilling in the apartment and I manually added more blings to one of my casings.

I love this special pen that Bernice have! It’s like a special pen that can hold the crystals in place while you stick it done. Easy peasy.

Placement of the big crystals before sticking them down.

It’s was quite fun chatting and laughing ourselves silly at the apartment. The first 2 nights, I was sooo tired I crashed out before Bernice came out of the bathroom.. Obviously not much of a company. Haha!

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