Technically, we ain’t home! Jerry needs to pop back to TMC for a check up and I’m kinda excited to be heading out of the house.

All ready to go! Getting ready to pop out of the house used to be easy when it’s just the 2 of us, 30mins or less is all we need. Now, getting ready is a mammoth task! It took der & me 2 hrs to get everything needed for baby packed, washed, feed him, pump milk, washed everything to be brought out and check and double check everything again. I also had to lug a bottle of red dates and longan tea with me since I can’t drink water. The bag is so heavy!

Sigh. I think babies are expensive stuff. Was just telling Derrick that Jerry is branded. The hospital fees and all cost us more than a chanel 2.55, yesterday der went out to get all the accessories and ‘gadget’s for the pumps and all, it cost him a long champ bag. Today’s trip at the pediatrician cost us a LV wallet. Before he popped out, we also spent thousands to get things ready. Why is everything so expensive? I was asking my mum.. How much does it cost for me to see the doctor when I was a baby. Her reply? $4-$6.

See? The woes of rising medical/health costs. I guess it adds to one of those reasons why people do not want to have a kid. If you were a couple living in luxury and enjoying the finer things in life, the lifestyle would have to change dramatically with the additional baby. Not that I belong to that category.. The thing is, I don’t belong and I feel the pinch more! Me is the ‘sandwiched class’.

Anyway, the doc’s visit is expensive because Jerry has jaundice. I knew it was coming because he was turning rather yellow and I haven’t been able to put him out to sun because this morning was raining.. Yesterday, I accidentally fell asleep during the ‘timing’ that I was supposed to sun him and I could tell he’s more yellow. So we had to rent a PEP bed to treat Jerry’s jaundice with phototherapy. He is also suffering from heat rash (even my poor baby isn’t spared from the scorching heat!) and some skin allergy that resulted in some pus-filled red spots all over his body. He is also filled with skin flakes all over his body, and its quite a sight to look at.. So sad seeing his entire body filled with the rashes and flaking skin. At the same time, we also ordered a metabolic screening test to be done on him and he is due to be back at the pd again on Saturday. and oh, I think I have a greedy baby on my hands. Usually babies will lose their weight before gaining it back, 5 days after his birth, he actually gained weight – 3.06kg! The only time he lost weight was upon discharge, where he lost about 100grams. Hmmm..

Anyway, it looks like I won’t be doing much of a confinement after all!

We have got a shoot lined up tomorrow, so I’ll be out, and I have to be back at the gynae on Thursday for a check-up and come Saturday, I’ll be out again! I tried to arrange everything on the same day but just couldnt fit. My mum is so gonna frown at me, just like she did today.

I took the opportunity to get some shopping done (more baby related supplies), and ta-baoed mos burger to eat! Happiness.

Thought this photo is super classic. My baby looks so ‘shiok’ here while daddy is burping him.

Here’s my poor Jerry under-going the treatment.

Ok. Am very very sleep deprived. Doze off a couple of times drafting this night all!

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