the moment i got on the train and got a seat, i dozed off. i woke, only to find that i missed my train stop and had to hop across the platform and take the other train home.

the last 2 days has been extremely tiring. i had been out of the office and reporting to work at 7.45am instead of the usual office timing at 9am. it has also increased my pizza phobia by truckloads, after being served 3 large pizzas and 3 regular pizzas yesterday and staring/smelling the whiff of the pizzas for the entire day today (as well as munching on some!).

my tummy played punk today and it went churning non stop. i felt so terrible and sick. crashed the moment i got home earlier, but im still feeling bleahz. i really want things to get better soon..

can someone pass me some luck?

on another note, wei started his first paper today! good luck sweetie!

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