left unattended for a minute and this is what happens..


he does that to the tissue boxes, the wet tissue dispenser..


I found it funny, because I wasn’t the one that was going to clean up (i was rushing out of the house for work) but my mum had her arms up in exasperation.


she started spanking my son as well, which hurts as much on me when it hits him. I wouldn’t have it that way, but my mum is so stressed out with my hyper son that whatever feedback intentions that I have are returned with defensive shouts that always end with a bad taste in the mouth. so, I just shut up and close my eyes for now.


I know its not easy feat to look after him, especially since my mum is more than twice my age so I am actually quite thankful for her help.


his level of mischief know no bounds. he brings a small plush rat and wave it in my aunt’s face on Skype every morning to scare her. he then hides the rat and stuff it into an obscure corner/hole at the back of the cupboards.


the other day, he hid my room aircon remote and I couldn’t find it for a week. I eventually found out he has been stuffing stuff into a hole on my CPU and that’s where the remote is. gosh!


he purposely pulls the drawers open and unearth everything within onto the floor making a mess because he knows he can draw a reaction of screaming from the caregiver and when that happens, he runs off and laugh at one corner while you pick up the remains.




but I can’t help but laugh at times when he looked so happy and filled with joy, even when there is a hint of smirk in his face.


I haven’t been spending time with him for weeks. been clocking work into the late night’s recently and the record have been till 1:20am couple of days ago. this is a new high ever since jerry came along. the weekends have been rather stressful as well with me spending Saturdays sleeping and Sundays working/bringing jerry to class. I am sooo tired and stressed out, I am quite losing myself along with the nausea that I am still battling at this point in time.


the tummy has been growing much bigger, I feel much less agile and very much like a whale. with this pregnancy, I keep getting stabbing pains in the tummy and the pressure at the bottom of my abdomen is quite unbearable when I sit around for too long.


the baby is equally active like jerry so I have been receiving kicks in my tummy. the belly button is also slowly becoming an outie so that’s a sign that I have been growing to the huge side.


I didn’t really have the time to plan for a babymoon before the realisation that I’m almost into the third tri 1 week ago. I was desperate for a break so I hastily booked us on a last minute trip to hk for next weekend. its a long weekend and tickets are mostly sold out so we are flying on a Saturday morning instead. other than booking the flight and the hotel, we haven’t done much planning at all.


meanwhile, I am sooooo glad that I can finally breathe a little with a mjor work event done last weekend. another 13 days to the trip! can’t wait..