i’ve spent the last 7 hours slowing tweaking the codes of my lj and changing the outlook of it. been wanting to do that for ages, but everything just seemed to have a priority tag.

it’s still in a mess. the colors of the fonts in my sidebar aint the same! i gave up after trying and trying. at one point, they were correct, but i changed the colors and i cant remembered what i did wrongly. and now, it’s screwed.


tweaking lj codes isnt really for me huh? after SO LONG, i still cant figure it out! anyone wanna give me a free tutorial on the matter?

was browsing through my daily readings of blog and saw ivy’s blog. and so i found out that my friend, Patrick was ivy’s mother-in-law’s best friend’s son. so coincidental.

and the death of patrick is hitting wei very very very very bad. and im feeling the effects of it. even the relationship is feeling the effects. i dont know what to say. wei blew off at me earlier. i wish things didnt have to be like that. im not angry with him, just sad. i can understand what he is going through, i really do. my own cousin did the jump 3 years back too.

sigh. it’s late. i better turn in now. it’s been 3 days since the numbers on my punch in colums is red, and 4 days in total for this month. this is bad. really bad.