ok. i cannot resist blogging about this by today.. so everything else takes a step back and i allocated time to sort the pictures and make a collage.

despite having to work over the weekend, i was also invited to a chalet cum bbq, a housewarming party by wenmei, and a bbq by jennifer. i didn’t turn up at the last one cos there was simply too much over the weekend and i was so dead tired with all the late nights.

and so, the most memorable and fun one had to be @ DeRoyal, all thanks to the wonderful wenmei & gary whom invited us to their pretty and tastefully done up love nest.

and here’s an excerpt from iluvmyjazz

In a lovely apartment with pretty featured walls and yellow light from the quixotic chandelier, in the company of an amazing view of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) from the hall, the contemporary tune in the background and heaps of giggles and laughter. On top of that, a sequence of tiger beer, hoegarden, baileys, and our own creation of lychee martinis. Doesn’t this sound so beautiful like holidaying in a hotel or something?


there were heaps of food (Oopsie! i missed out the photo on the snacks/tidbits contributed by tia and kenneth!) brought along by every guest and the hosts. there was loads of natters and laughters.. and the guys were all glued to the soccer! Be it winning eleven with 4 controllers or the live soccer games that was playing on the teevee. the girls entertained ourselves with our little stories and it was truly one great bonding sesh!

it so happened that wenhao was staying in the same block as wenmei.. so derrick and me popped downstairs for a short while to chat with him.. went to check out the interior layout of his house was well. it’s quite cool cos the swimming pool is just 5 steps away!

love the place for it’s location and great view. wow. if only my future home is something similar. for now.. i can only daydream! πŸ˜›

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