i have been wanting to blog about it for like the longest time… even before the wedding ceremony when i got my hands on the soft copy… hahhaa.

well, better late then never. we had 4 albums for our wedding. call me kiasu or narcisstic, but i just had a lot of wedding pictures. some of the pictures aint the style that i want them to be, but guess it’s ok.. nothing perfect anyway. it was more of the fun we had during the shoot that makes all the difference. we had 2 days worth of pictures in krabi and another in singapore, studio and also along haji lane. the haji lane pictures were my favourite, the krabi ones are my least favourite but well, they are still pictures of us.

am not going to bore everyone showing everything here, so i’m just gonna feature those that i personally like…

album 1 – indoor shots

love this because it’s the only picture that features the back of my gown.. love all that french lace!

somehow, i ended up liking my evening gown a lot more in the pictures.. 🙂

album 2 – outdoor shots in krabi
this is taken in krabi national park and also in some ulu beach with a horse. I am not showing the horse pictures because i think they are oh-so-cheesy. but because we were in a group shooting, we had to ‘share the decisions’ as a group, so that the photographers could take everyone at the same place (saving on transportation & time).. that’s the limitation when you are going as a group, and not just one couple.

taken in a rubbber plantation..

the picture of the rings was cheorographed by me.. my photographer actually refused to take it.. :S

these are the nicest of the lot and the least liked album by the 2 of us. der hates his hair, i hated everything about the shoot.. i had mozzies and bugs crawling up my gown (and being trapped there!), broke my manicure, it was hot and the gown actually cut my flesh (at my back) and till this day, the scar is still around to remind me of it. and because the photographer switched around (and i didnt get to have all the pictures taken by my preferred photographer), i wasn’t very happy with the shots.. still, we decided to get some of them for remembrance. i much prefer the evening shots (which are all taken by my preferred photographer!).

and more taken on another day, on the islands..

album 3 – outdoor singapore

some of you may recognise this as the picture i used for my ‘save the wedding date’ edm that i sent out prior to the invitations. yes, i made the photographer stick to the same font for the album for consistency – i had to supply him the font type!

This is our favourite album and sorry, just had to show everything here. LOL. i loved everything about it, except maybe my face cos i think i just have a damn round face! for this album to materialize, i think i put everyone in agony. i had insisted that i wanted to meet the photograher pre-shoot, discuss the look & feel i wanted, had him look through with me a whole folder of wedding pictures that i researched and like, and told him that i would accept nothing else.. and also.. tell him that i wanted the pictures to exlude my personality – hyper, bubbling, fun and it must be quirky.

album 4 – outdoor krabi
this album is a mis-mash of everything else that didn’t fit previously. it was an extra album given to us, so there wouldn’t be this album otherwise.. still, there were some that i like..

yes, the heart of seashells was also my idea..

i love this evening gown actually, would have been my first choice if not for the fact that i found it a little too plain for wedding..

the flowers at the back of my gown was also my idea.. LOL. i think my photographer would really hate customers like me! trying to art direct everything… but the shots he takes is not really my style!

and yup. that’s it. you can view the entire 4 albums HERE. now, they are collecting dust at one corner of der’s room.. LOL. there have been a lot of people telling me that they want to see my albums, so here they are.. in digital format cos its too heavy for me to lug all 4 albums out. i cannot carry them at all!

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