last week, i felt really down and worn out, i asked the husband if he could come home earlier and bring me out for a nice dinner. i was on the verge of breakdown from the lack of sleep, the baby chores and being available for everyone else but myself ever since jerome is born.


he obliged and i was a really happy girl thereafter even tho it was a short 4 hours (6-10pm).


we had dinner at poulet, a casual french restaurant that is friendly on the pockets. have been reading reviews on the place so i had to go check it out.

we brought jerry along with us and i didnt have a lot of time to check out the menu but here’s what we ordered!

french onion soup. this was flavourful in general and packed with loads of caramelised onions but the basil leaves on top threw the taste off for me. im not really a fan of basil. it was also missing the usual melted cheese on top so i didnt really enjoy it as much as i usually do my french onion soups.

der ordered their speciality, poulet roti (roast chicken) and i ordered the buttered mash for jerry. the chicken is tender and soft (der polished everything off) coupled with an interesting sauce which tasted to me like raw coconut milk. i didnt read the description of his choice so i really am not sure! i love the buttered mash but my son wrinkled his nose at it (im not sure why!!) so i was really happy to finish the mash myself. haha!

my oxtail..i find this so so only, not as soft as i would prefer it to be so im not blown away but for the price, you really can quite fault it.

escargots. hmm. im usually a big fan of escargots but i didnt like the taste of these. there were carrots at the bottom of the tray and i find the taste overwhelm those of the eacargots and it felt like i was eating carrots instead. maybe im just not used to escargots that are not the usual garlic and butter mix.

mother and son. he doesnt look too happy to take a picture with me. speaking of which, these days.. he know about posing for pictures when i take my phone out and he grabs my phone to check the pictures thereafter!

being very much a restless bunny on the highchair.

der. the only picture i took of him and the perspective makes him look weird. haha.


overall, i think the food is decent for the prices and the service standard is pretth good but i probably wont be back again for a while since the usual stuff that do like aint to my taste (escargots and onion soup). i didnt really look carefully but i think my favourite foie gras aint on the menu either.. and whats french food without that?! i also didnt try the desserts as well so i would really urge you to give this restaurant a try and judge for yourself.


we headed off for shopping and i went a little than i normally would in malls. i guess i really needed to do something for myself.

shoes that i wanted to buy, and only bagged one pair of the 3. pity though. i really like the blue pair!

trying on loads of clothes. this was in bershka. i also tried on loads of other stuff but looked terrible in them because of my protruding tummy so i only went home with a pair of luminous shorts (pictured above), 2 harlem bottoms from uniqlo, and a tee (whats happening to me, i never buy tees!!).


we rounded off the night with 2 cups of koi and i came home a much happier also felt like a long weekend since i still had the weekend to look forward to!

by the way, the kid absolutely hates being in the stroller now. he rather push the stroller than be in it. im battling an independent streak these days.