i was supposed to be blogging about this.. but like the usual excuse – lack of time, i think it slipped my mind till i was looking for some pictures earlier.

more than a month ago, i insisted that der must rush back and have dinner with me. never mind that i had to wait more than 2 hours for him to finish his work and rush back from skudai (imagine the long journey, customs etc that he had to brave).. and i while the time away stoning at macs, staring at the books in kino and roaming aimlessly around liang court. also because jen was too swamped at work to go with me.

all because i wanted to utilize my 50% off reward card on the last day of validity – 10 june 08!

i happily ordered 2 plates of expensive stuff i wouldn’t consider on normal days, on top of my all time favourites that i usually eat. here’s the pictures of the food…

uni(sea urchin) sushi that cost $8 per piece (what you see is $16!)

otoro sashimi (right) and salmon sashimi. otoro is the killer cos each slice is $10. for that 5 slices, it’s $49!

posing with the $10!!

my favourite shabu shabu set…yummy stuff!

zaru soba that’s on the house, courtesy of the rewards card.

deluxe tempura mori.. oh.. i’m salivating…

der’s very normal looking curry katsu.

excited me, all ready to attack the delicious spread before me.

der’s turn to pose before we dig in!

the dinner was fabulous, everything was fresh and yummy but we were bursting from all that food.. i wish i could eat like that everyday without burning a huge hole in the pocket.

and here’s one last shot of der staring at my favourite milk pudding and wondering how the hell his gf can eat so much.

that’s why i am ballooning.. everyone is commenting that i put on weight..

haha. seriously, he was so stuffed that he didn’t want the desserts at all. the bill came up to a whooping $141+ for the 2 of us, but i only paid $83+ after the 50% discount. though it’s still a tad expensive, i think it’s damn worth it lor!

argh. blogging about it makes me hungry now. 🙁

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