what was supposed to be a night of home dinner + mahjong turns out to be an impromptu dinner date with agnes.

with yummylicious food and wine, we both are happy campers. i brought her to flamingg mango, this place that i accidentally found when i was looking for a place to bring der during his birthday. i sorta liked the place, it was quiet, relaxing with warm yellow lights, and serves good food and a good range of cheap alcoholic drinks. it’s also quite tucked away so it’s not packed and noisy, which is one of the key reasons why i love the place. hoegaarden lovers would love it here cos it’s happy hours all day long for something like $8 a pint?

thought it was the perfect place to chill for a northener! i could walk there from home if i wanted to! was glad that agnes really liked the place as well.. the service was immaculate with the server checking on us all the time, and when we were struggling to finish the starters, they actually hold the pasta that we ordered till we were almost done. how’s that for service?

and yes, if you have spotted it.. i was spilling all that precious white wine from the cozzes while posing the picture!

ok, i’m off to visiting my sec sch teacher! 🙂

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