for the longest time, ruth and i have been wanting to do a meet up.. but somehow our schedules always clashes. i’m always unavailable during the weekdays and she’s busy during the weekends.

so.. we finally managed to meet for dinner together with mich. but, not before crashing into mich’s office for some mischief!

check out the colorful m&m’s that i found in mich’s office!!

and of cos, i cannot resist taking a picture with them!

and then we popped by aerins for our dinner. boy! i was famished!

here’s what we had…

i had this – spaghetti chorizo. spaghetti with spicy spanish sausage tossed in arabiata sauce. it was lovely though i thought the serving was a little too small for my appetite.

mich had linguine vongole, with baby clams in chilli garlic white wine sauce. i took a bite and it was quite tasty as well.

ruth had the fish and chips served with shoestring fries and chipotle aioli, which reminded us of fried shisamo. taste soft and yummy!

at this point in time, i just remembered that i didn’t have a picture of the bruschetta!! urgh! i must have been too hungry and gobbled that down and totally forgot about saving a good picture for memory’s sake!

anyway, did a print screen of their menu and here’s how it looks like..

picture courtesy of aerins’ website

and what is a complete meal without desserts?!

our indulges, mine would be the choc fudge cake.

Here’s mich looking satisfied, ruth and me, and cheeky me!

and of cos! i went home a happy and satisfied girl. 😛

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