or the counselling session that he wanted, rather.

we had dome for dinner, a quick one with him mostly reading magazines and then surfing on his mobile phone. hur.

weirdly enough, i wasn’t up to my usual gorging stint and all i had was a tomato pepperoni pasta which i didn’t even finish and an aloe vera lime drink that i donated to raf after a sip (it has soda water and is carbonated!).

the original plan of watching marley & me in Yishun was aborted because der was still having dinner with his friends in tampines. so, raf zipped me to tampines instead to meet der and we watched the movie in cathay (downtown east).

the funny thing was, raf was in the same theatre with another girl. hee hee. no. i didn’t peeped at them and was totally engrossed in my movie! and they have really nice couple seats!


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