One of them days that I ventured out without the hubby since the gynae ordered mc! Never mind that I was taking the cab everywhere, cos it was pouring so badly when I stepped out! Was so afraid that I’ll slip and fall (knowing the clumsy old me), but thank god I was kept safe.

I hadn’t really wanted to head out for the dinner because of the pain, and lethargic-ness of being home bound for so long., but my colleague kept persuading me, and it was also meant to be a farewell dinner for sweet Brenda, one of the close agency girls that I have worked with. She’s moving on and turning into client roles in her next job. So excited for her.

Dinner was at Robertson quay, limoncello pizza and grill. Man, the place was soooooo hard to find, and someone should have just told me it’s opposite bar bar black sheep! Even standing at the doorstep of the place, I couldn’t make out the signboard and almost missed it totally. Was very thankful Xueli was with me, she held the brolly for me while I gingerly made my way around, making very sure I didn’t fall/slip/trip.

Here’s the pictures of the dinner spread. We ordered to share, except that i couldnt Eat most of the stuff so i cant really tell you if it was good or not. Dinner was spent with non-stop natters, laughters and gossips (haha, not saying what they are). Before I knew it, it was almost 11pm and yours truly was yawning and spacing out because I was soooooo tired.

Some starter platter with parma ham, grilled zucchini & mushrooms, some salad and cheese. Looks yummy really, but I only had 2 tiny little mushrooms. =)

Grilled eggplant with cheese. Delish, but too much does turns me off.

Spaghetti carbonara. Didn’t eat this, served with raw eggs. Reviews has it a little too salty tho.

Crab meat pasta served with brandy. They say this was rather nice! I didn’t try due to alcohol content.

Some quad-dro pizza, can’t recall the name. Palatable, but nothing to die for.

Parma ham pizza. I took a slice without the ham and it was ok.

I ordered this potato pasta for myself since I almost couldn’t swallow most of the above. The server was confused and tried to portion out the food before it even touched the table. =S

Chocolate molten lava cake. Interesting presentation.

Strawberry cheesecake. Didn’t touch either of the desserts either since there’s cheese and alcohol. Blah, but it’s ok. Soon! Soon!

The girls also shared a bottle of white, making me damn envy because I do miss the days where I quietly chill with a bottle to celebrate the weekend. Can’t wait to savour that soon again, but soon seemed so far away!

The ambiance of the place was so-so and I was rather irritated by the servers’ over enthusiasm in removing the half-eaten dishes from the table, like they were rushing us to finish our meal. Didn’t help that it also meant we were constantly interrupted through our conversations.

Despite the seemingly good reviews of the place, I don’t think I’ll pop back any time soon. Maybe, when I could fully enjoy and pick from any of the menu items to my delight.

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