i suddenly find my blog very uninteresting. i dont have the time to actually think what i want to write. i just type whatever that comes to my mind…

yucks. i hope this wont last long.

i am actually fearing tomorrow. the fact that i’ll be struggling to swim in an ocean of emails and projects. my mind havent been able to stop thinking abt my work and what i have to remember to do. i am stressing myself out. despite knowing that, i cant help it, or stop thinking about it.

truth to be told, im setting very high expectations for myself on this job. whether if it’s a good thing or not, im not too sure.

i am still very tired even though i tried to rest as much as i can. i also happened to fall sick on friday, with a slight dry cough that’s been irritating me the whole weekend, a slight fever and the dramatic loss of iron had caused me to have dizzy spells the whole time.

i hope i can garner the strength to accept and “fight” whatever that comes to me. i havent revised my japanese for ages and there’s a class tomorrow. shucks! i was just telling wei today that i might be dropping my japanese class since i wont be able to make it on time to class after work every monday, and i’ll miss the first 30 mins of class for every lesson.

i seriously dont know if i can still cope.

anyways anyways, i met the lj gang up for dinner at parkway parade on thursday night (i cant remember if i mentioned this already!), and here are some snapshots of the dinner. i had fun, but it drained every wee bit of energy outta me considering the long day i had and reaching home at near midnight.

and here’s some other photos nipped from bini’s bloggie..

ok. there are more photos for friday where the day was spent lunching in marina square’s cartel, sabo-party for jaime in the office meeting room after 6pm, a extravagant buffet dinner with my team and a supplier at the line and karaoke sesh at partyworld orchard. sadly, i dont have the energy to make any more collages at the moment.

and oh, after karaoke that day, i popped by tanjong pagar to collect wei’s car from his fren nixon, met ant for a drink at chinatown before crashing back home with reckless driving! i was so dead beat that i didnt really watch out for traffic. 🙁

wei MUST NOT know abt this. he’ll kill me.

ok, out. time to pack my jap notes and head to bed. knackered.

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