what this is for?

super interesting thing that i spotted one fine day.. could anyone guess??

and in pure coincidence or not, it really had its desired effect. i think the people working in the agencies would be at an advantage to guess for this because they might have come across it in their course of their work…

and so, i was told. i don’t know what you called it, but it’s supposed to be a ‘trick’ to lure the sunny skies when it raining. some ‘pantang’ (superstitious) beliefs. some weeks back, if you remembered (just realised i didnt post the entry) i went to a shoot and it was raining really badly, they stuck this around the shoot area and some 2 hours later.. the sun came out and the clouds cleared!

talk about superstitious or what?!

interesting to learn, nonetheless. makes me think – using the same trick if you need to do a outdoor shoot.. like a wedding, perhaps?

have you seen it before? was it used in the same context?

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