i remembered this joke on the plastic cover of the drink i was having some day. it’s was a dinner with wei at one of the coffee shops in amk.

为什么狗不能 晒日光浴 ? (why can’t dogs sun bathe?)
答案: 因为他们会变热狗 .. (cos they will turn hot dogs..)

anyway. that thought was triggered by what i had wanted to blog about. dogs. hot dogs. the other day, someone had a cravings for superdogs after the article in straits time some sundays ago.. and so, our team popped down to vivo to check it out. i’m not really a fast food eater.. but well.. i have to go with the flow when everyone says ok right? so, for once in a blue blue moon, i stepped into a fast food area and order some food.

gawd. i sure do want to puke after that! check what we have consumed…

i.tried.every.single.one.of.them. ok. the last one at the bottom right? that’s from GV. got that cos jen said that taste so much better than everything else we tried. yeah. that’s doggy day some time last week.

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