except that i am no where near looking like a goddess.

i cooked dinner for der again last night! what a lucky b*stard i think he is. considering the fact that i got home so late, am tired and have so much business to care about (like reading my book and doing my hula hoop)!

anyway, i tried my hands on frying noodles for him. and yes, you guessed it.. the way my mum cooked it for me. haha.

the irritating thing about it is that i totally forgot to take picture while i was preparing it and when i remembered, i ran into my bedroom to grab the camera right after throwing a bunch of vegetables into the pot.

i guess it’s successful cos it tasted exactly like my mum’s. of cos i had guidance lah, it’s my first time frying the noodles this way.

the angry part of things? der came home, saw the noodles and INSISTED that i lied about the cooking. he took ONE bite and INSISTED AGAIN that im lying.

Grrr. so totally heart-broken can.

he says he cannot believe it cos it tasted good and it’s like my mum’s cooking. he only looked half convinced after he confirmed with my mum TWICE that i was the one who cooked it. i got the face of a bad cook meh?! dun play play hor.. i am the domestic goddess helper since i was a kid hor!

anyway, i regretted not cooking more because i only took 2 bites of it as my dinner, and split the rest between der and my mum. poor der was still hungry after..

aiyah. because i was so worried that if i cooked too much and cannot finish, i will end up eating it at 11+ in the night which translate to growing fat. like agnes’ depression on her weight, my muffin top is depressing me these days. i guess the reality that age is catching up with me and the slowing metabolism rate is not burning the fats as fast as i chow them down.

the happy thing? the boy very obediently washed up after the meal.

the super angry thing? when i showed der the pictures as “evidence” that i cooked the meal..he say you are not in the picture! maybe mama cook and you just stood beside to take picture.


the funny thing? when he was looking at the pictures.. he went..Ah! you used this pot to cook the noodles ah? i thought it’s the other one and i didn’t wash this….

there. my nothing to rave about but happy moment.

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