This has never happened to me before. Being pricked twice because there was no blood flowing.

I secretly think it’s because the angle of the needle didn’t go in well and the Missy just turned the needle in my right arm trying to find the blood source, concurrently asking if I’m fine. Like at least 5 times!

I remained silence in most bit until I got annoyed with the asking and told her (coolly), “ya. Pain.”

What you want me to say?

It’s not really painful, just annoying and frustrating to see the needle go everywhere and they cannot see the blood source.

And finally, a bulge came up undeneath the skin and the other Missy say stop stop. Bruising already.

Took out the needle, and turned back to me. We need to prick you again.

Wahh. Cannot make it. Thanks goodness I’m not afraid of needles, blood and the like.

The second needle went in and the blood went squirting. So, tell me. Is it my blood or the pricking? Or is it that my right hand is not cooperating?

Just taped a tissue wrapped piece of ice to my right arm. Bruise is something I don’t need at this point in time.

And oh. That’s a paid health check and they very funnily asked me to produce stool and urine samples in 10 mins because they are leaving. Omg. How is that possible?

I’m hungry. And v tired. My body is breaking down from fatigue. No amount of sleep can help from the week of little sleep.

I need an easier job because I don’t think my health can hold up in time to come. Either that, or I need to learn how to say no.

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