urgh! my lovely friday evening was spent sleeping last night. it started raining while i was reading my book. and then.. the light pitter patter sound was soothing and the next thing i know.. i fell asleep.

guess i must have been deprived of angpows. this morning i was dreaming that i found another 2 angpows on my desk..and in it, there were more than $200 bucks. and before i could keep the money in my wallet, the alarm clock rang! urgh. the funny thing is.. one of them was a $60 angpow from mich!

hahaha. totally funny and impossible. okie. that’s what dreams are like right? maybe my mind is subconsciously telling mich to quickly get married. hee.

alrighty. it’s time to pop into the bathroom and head for the singapore airshow with kenties and then going off to work in the stores.

have a good weekend.

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