if i could have one wish, i wish i could own all these shoes..

all these are worth close to 40k!

i stuck my feet into each and every pair and find them absolutely gorgeous! it’s so tempting and shiok to walk in these. Expensive shoes of a certain quality you know. It feels different, even more when you know some of them cost more than a thousand..

anyhow, my dream is not going to come true, because i don’t have that kind of money.. and i am not rich. even if i have the money, i don’t think i’ll buy THAT many pair of branded branded shoes. hmmm.. may be i’ll buy diamonds, or cameras, or a car, but not shoes. Oh.. may be bags too!

but.. that doesn’t stop me from buying shoes! wahahaha. i bought another 4 pairs to add to my horrendous collection. am hiding these in my room currently, to avoid the SCREAMS of my mum. she will totally totally kill me.

pink wedges from anne klein & purple peep toes from nine west.

but of cos, i must also be a supportive gf too. so, to be entirely FAIR, i bought 2 pairs from charl_es & keit_h too!

wooooaahh.. so cheap la! I like!

despite me attempting to be the ever supportive gf, der still frowns at me. =(

i know.. i know.. it’s my ever growing collection of shoes right. *sigh*

they say 男人背后总是有一位支持他的女人.. i am trying to be. why can’t he understand?! haha.

ok. i’m a little nonsensical. this is the post that i was typing halfway last night when my laptop died. so, unless a miracle happens soon.. it is unlikely that you’ll see me blogging with pictures! i think i will be restricted to mobile post only.

so sad. i need a laptop donation (p.s. im just joking).

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