who would have expected a pouring rain when the skies were bright and scorching hot when you step out?

i headed out for a express pedicure and got stuck in the rain. waited for 30mins in the shelter and decided that the rain isn’t going to stop so i ran back in the rain.

totally drenched and messy.

while running, there was this boy running in front of me and i saw him slip and fall 4 times! he was to far away for me to help and i think in the rush to get back up, he kept slipping. each fall landed with a loud thud and boy, there were many people who wanted to hold him and help him but the boy eventually got up and limped away. i saw him stroll in the rain after that and i think he must be reeling from the pain with the impact upon hitting the ground.

i hope he’s okie..

as for me, i’m nursing a headache now. argh.

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