omg. i just wished that the floor would open up a hole and swallow me in.

the sleepyhead me was walking to bus station (A) when i received a text to say that the school bus (co appointed bus) has left, so i changed my course of direction to head towards another bus stop (B). while i was almost reaching the said bus stop, i realised the bus is already here and is moving off.

not wanting to wait another 20 mins in the sun, i turned my head and ran towards bus stop C where the bus is scheduled to arrive next (a good 100m distance or more away). thank goodness it’s crocs i’m wearing today.

so, the run literally woke me up.. when i got to the other bus stop, the bus is still stuck at the traffic intersection where i started running. so, i safely managed to board the bus, pleased with myself and glad that i didn’t see any colleagues while i was running.

and you know what?

someone came to tap me on my shoulders while walking to the office and said.. “wah.. you can really run.”


so malu! and he was on the bus. he saw me jump, turn and run with all my might.


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