i woke with a start this morning. the first thing that came to my mind was, shit! what day is today? for a full min, i was lying there staring at the clock thinking it was saturday.. and while my brain slowly warmed up, i jumped out of bed immediately realising that the weekend was over and it’s monday!

im still half awake as i type this entry, am so tired from the lack of sleep.. the weekend was spent mostly working on project ding dong and it’s only 50% done? it must be either that i’m losing patience or i’m getting slower at it. watched harry potter on saturday and i enjoyed the movie immensely.

i know. the reviews havent been good. belle told me that her colleagues told her that it aint good before i watched it. wei told me the same thing right after the movie. yihui msn me and told me the same thing last night. but i love it to bits. maybe there wasnt as much special effect as the previous ones, but this one moved me to tears at some point of it and i was so engaged in the storyline that i didnt realise that it was longer than 2 hours! did i mention that i was holding a bursting bladder in the cinema for at least an hr and a half?

my conclusion on the differing reviews. the people who didnt like it prob didnt read the book. like wei and yihui. i dont know about the rest tho, but it doesnt really matter. cos my opinion of the movie is fixed – a nice watch!

my desk seems looked unscathed. a smile glows on my face while i slowly unlock my drawers and take out my stationary. it’s time to start another lonng week ahead.