with ulcers.

it’s like a curse. i was just telling cindy the other day that i haven’t had ulcers for the longest time and was laughing at her complains of having 2 big ulcers that she believes are induced from stress.

and ta-dah! ulcers appeared in my mouth too. i’ll like to believe it’s spread by cindy (haha!), but truth is.. i think i haven’t been loading up on h20 and the body’s been feeling heaty of late.

and because my ulcers are in impossibles positions.. i took a picture of this for memory.

on my palatoglossal arch

i cannot even breathe without feeling the pain, which has been extended to my ear. and swallowing anything is like pouring acid into my throat.

the other is at the underside of my tongue, which makes chewing, talking and sticking my tongue out painful.

and you think that might have reduced me to quite a bit (i.e. quiet girl), but no. i still talk as loudly and as animatedly. it’s just that i haven’t been enjoying my food and i try not to eat when possible.

i need/want/wish/hope that the ulcers will go away when i open my eyes tomorrow.

ya right.. fat hope i know..

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