saturday saw me eating non stop. from the must-check-out-ion trip in the afternoon, the baby shower at jln rama rama and the [aunties’] party at jennifer’s place, i just kept eating.

and the whole reason why i went to the [aunties’] party is to help jen devour some of the food..

which only resulted in her mum asking her.. is cherie pregnant?

i’m not, but i have quite a tummy lah. already very upsetting already you know? with all that you look fatter, you look haggard comments that’s coming my way these days.

this morning, my colleague who just came back from 4 months maternity said.. you ok? you look like you are very tired..

and i think i better watch my language here since at jen’s party.. the kids came up to me and say.. cherie jie jie, i read your facebook and you say you looked like shit!! (followed by peals of loud laughter)

omg. i do feel a little scrutinized.

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