my phone alarm rang this morning and i dragged myself outta bed to head to the bathroom..

and then it hit me.. damn! it’s a public holiday today! i ALMOST went on my daily routine and went to work. thank god i realised it before i stepped into the showers and crawled back into bed.

i didn’t manage to sleep well. There were tonnes of work to be done. I had an event coming up in mid-jan and coupled that with running 2 nation-wide campaigns, i feel so ready to die. i was just telling my managers after our meeting yesterday that I feel as though im getting married.. the logistics of the entire event is just so gonna kill me.

i woke up at noon and made myself a list of to-do to be completed by tomorrow morning 9am. 10 items on the list, some of which could take me hours. shucks.

it sure didnt feel anywhere like a holiday today. 🙁

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