my favourite vegetables is spinach, fried with garlic. simple and plain goodness. the thing is, my mum never cooked spinach for me before. it was never a choice of her vegetables buying and she never knew that i enjoyed spinach tremendously. all until recently.

yesterday, i requested for spinach for dinner today. she said she’s not heading to the market cos it’s monday.. and since i was out for an appointment, i was tasked the role to buy the spinach.

u know, i never really know what spinach looks like in the raw form. i never bought them before!! headed to ntuc, thinking that i cannot be wrong, i choose and then grabbed the packet that says spinach. then i realised that there was this round spinach available. not sure which is which, i bought both and am pretty sure i’m gonna get at least one of them right.

back home, mum laughed at me when she saw the vegetables. well, i know spinach is called 波菜, but i didnt check the packaging’s chinese characters and just grabbed cos spinach is correct right? end up, both types of vegetables are 莧菜. my chinese is not good enough so i didn’t attempt to read the chinese characters that came with the packaging. urgh.

so there goes my spinach for dinner and my mum is gonna laugh at me for a long time to come.

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