I sorta broke down into tears last night.. After realizing the possibility that the boy will not be around in April for 1.5 weeks because he needs to go new York for work… But I’ll be in my 36-40th week then and could bomb anytime.. The thought of not having the boy by my side was too scary to envision and tears just came to my eyes.

I made him promise that he will turn away the trip and not go, but I have a really bad feeling that things might just not go in my favor.. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Had a long weary day yesterday.. I shouted at people till I could feel my veins almost bursting at the side of my temples.. Rushing all the work because I was down on Monday with the work laptop dead and busy clearing my mailbox (Its FULL by end Monday) so that the new mails could pop in and that I could send stuff out and it’s really a busy week for me! In fact, the upcoming 2 months are going to be quite a mayham with the amount of stuff on my plate.. Hopefully, things get sorted out along the way..

Ok. Back to sleep.. Weird that I keep waking up in the middle of the night these days and am actually wide awake enough to blog. Feeling a little hungry but am too lazy to get my butt outta bed to grab something to eat..

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