i read abt lilsnooze‘s bloggie on the amount of shoes that she has..

im feeling extremely guilty as i read. in feb, i wrote an entry abt the bags collection that i had. and this was the picture i posted in blogspot.

Ooops. i can see some of you gasping already.

when i saw the photo of lilsnooze’s shoe rack, i decided to take a photograph of one of my shoe racks.

i tried to count, but lost count after a while. and i have NUMBEROUS pairs of flip flops & track shoes not shown in this picture. it makes me wonder, how i never seemed feel that they are enough. as i carefully look at each pair, i silently curse under my own breath, why i dont seemed to remember that i had this, and that and that.

i was thinking abt curbing myself on buying anymore shoes in the next couple of months.. only to realise seconds later.. that i have planned on hitting VNC in kluantan next weekend (if the trip planning is successful). Grr..

and CNY is just less than 2 months away.. another reason to get new shoes.

oh. someone. help. me. curb. my. shoe. fetish.