my doc advised that exercising would help relieve the dizzy spells and headaches.. but after the chat he had with me yesterday, he promptly told me.. forget about exercising.. you have no time to exercise, except for the weekends. try to get more sleep instead.

i thought that was quite funny.

and so, after the bowling competition, jen, lena and me went for some coffee/tea/snacks at starbucks (chey! i’m patronizing you!) and some shopping. i think jen and me make a terrible pair. we both like to buy things. i splurged another 100 bucks on 2 dresses while she spent abt 250. wahaha. the other day when we are having lunch at maxwell market (that’s such a rare location!), we decided to lug back goreng pisangs and oyster cakes for the team… but the funny thing is.. we both didnt want to eat any of those we bought. we just wanted to buy back to share.

OOOps. sidetracked.

anyway, was feeling dizzy and nausea after the cab ride home so i decided to go for a jog to help alleviate the dizziness. so run i did, for a good 20+ mins before i lost momentum and decided to brisk walk the rest of the 30+ mins away. exercised for an good hr.

felt so good just jogging/walking in the park, thinking of random things like..stupid kid, riding in the opposite directions of everyone else and almost crashing into me! and hmmm.. what is the motivation behind each and everyone at this park jogging along with me? lose fats? yeah. i know, totally random.

but it’s funny. there was a teenage guy dressed a nice tee, smart looking berms and shoes and looking like he’s hitting orchard, but he walked rounds and rounds the park.. SLOWLY. weird right?! i was thinking.. is he trying to get some inspiration about how to confess his love to the girl of his dreams?!

yeah. i know. i am totally random. but that’s good news cos i think i relaxed. and thoroughly enjoyed myself for that good one hr. the dizzy spells and headaches are gone.

i should be doing this often. for the benefit of my health. i should be heading back home early EVERYDAY to do it. hahaha. easier said than done!

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