i just put myself through 45 mins of brisk walking. out in the cold.

was shopping at northgate mall and decided to heck it, save the phone bills (to call aunt) and walk home. keeping in mind what i have gorged for breakfast this morning, i decided to move a little fast and burn a little calories. gosh! it was tough! the terrain’s not like singapore, it’s up slope most of the time and i was panting and desperately catching my breath, lugging along my shopping bags.

i just kept telling myself.. walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. i’ll get there eventually.

and so, 15mins after northgate mall, i got to 105th street. my aunt stays on the 78th. you can count how many blocks that is away. climbing up slope and watching the skyline of downtown seattle appearing.. and northgate mall disappearing behind me, it is satisfying after all.

good thing with the cold weather is, it makes everything more bearable. you don’t feel sweaty and sticky, you don’t really feel hot. but my cheeks were chilled to the bone tho.

great. if only we have this kind of weather in sing. sadly, it reminded me that i have yet to start training for the 8km run in march. yikes!

off to sort my shopping bags and luggage. off to chicago in 10 hrs!

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