*looks at to-do list in organizer*


i am supposed to wake in under 4 hrs to make a trip to seremban for the company’s retreat. i am feeling so unwillingly to go. because..

1. i think it’s gonna be really sucky without most of my colleagues around me.
2. i am part of the organizing committee – which means NO FUN.
3. i have had to be the bus leader on the bus carrying the CEO
4. i was being dropped off from the advance party who went today in a car (ok, i do have mixed feelings about this)
5. i cannot bear the thought having motion sickness, yet, travelling for at least 6 hours or more on a coach.
6. i have so much work to clear in the office.

i’m not all packed, but i am constantly fighting my lids to stay awake.

i want to blog more, but the energy level is seriously dipping.

just the gist. the weekend in just 2 liners.

sat – manager’s birthday, lightings shopping, dinner, water parade and sleep
sun – shape run, nap, lunch, philip’s sale, pray, tanning, fish market for salmon, angel’s mum’s bd and home.

i cannot bear to think of the upcoming weeks. and my colleague’s due to leave next friday for her 1 month back-packing.

someone, help me!

oh. on brighter news, my department is adding an additional headcount and hopefully the person comes in oct so that i can relieve my work a little!

alright. back to clearing my stuff before time runs out and i had to run.

till i’m back and till i get back all my energy.. stay sane and cheery people!

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