the retreat last week have literally drained me of all the energy. There were loads of photos but the week is practically used up to clear work. There have been so much to do and work on. i cant bear to think of the upcoming week.

i’ll be away for another retreat in JB at a golf resort. with another 2 work days down, i forsee a hectic mad rush in the week ahead. retreats are tiring stuff in my co, since with each retreat, the team is supposed to come up with a performance kinda stuff.

i’ll spend the entire monday evening practising dance moves to funky reggae. *freaks out* i cant dance for nuts and my colleagues has acknowledged that when i was tasked to dance cha cha with a guy during the last retreat. omg. jap’s class on monday too. should i go for jap or stay and learn the dance moves?

i aint sure.

the only thing i’m sure is that my weekend is totally precious now and i’m heading out! getting my butt off this chair now! have a great weekend, ya?

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