have u ever had “outsiders” controlling what u had to do and what you cant do?

im extremely frustrated now. ready to scream and snap at anyone’s that crashes into my way. im friggin’ tired. and all i wanted was to sleep.

why issit that i keep getting calls that interrupt my sleep? and that’s not all! i was told to wake up twice and was shouted and and blamed for sleeping at this hour of the time.

hello? what is the damn world coming into? my mum doesnt complain when i need to sleep and i have outsiders interfering in my life and acting like they own me?

tell me ah. how not to feel frustrated like that?!?! and i was supposed to WAKE UP and head over to my bf’s house to wake him up so that he can grab his breakfast/lunch/dinner. please lor! my bf is an adult and he doesnt needs me to feed him.

i am a working adult and im tired from waking up early for work and i cannot even fucking sleep?! fuck la! it’s not like i dont care for my boy but he’s like that i know he’s gonna be fine. but why does the world thinks that i owe it to them to care for their son/brother while no one fucking cares if im tired and i really need some sleep?