i hadnt had a chance to breathe. i hadn’t had the time to blog. i hadn’t had the chance to collate the long overdue pictures. i hadn’t had much time to veg in front of the com.

i had such a busy week. and insufficient sleep. and ultra tiring and emotional weekend.

if only time will stop, for me to just catch up. christmas is coming this weekend!!

omg omg. here’s a list that of stuff that i had to do, all before thursday.

1. sending project ding dong for processing
2. make pearlyn the handphone accessory for christmas
3. make a list of people whom i want to send christmas cards to, write the cards and send them out!
4. christmas shopping! i havent gotten any gifts for the many exchanges coming up!
5. study jap. i am so lost now. doesnt help when i hadnt had the time for homework and asked my classmate to email me her answers just so i can submit tonight!
6. collect project ding dong after processing
7. gift wrap the thousand gifts that i had to buy.

and my week’s so packed, that i have no idea how to accomplish these tasks.

tonight – jap class
tomorrow nite – meeting michie
wed nite – meeting victor and raf.. and toto (if i can find him!)
thurs nite – jap class again!
friday nite – meeting belle for candlelight dinner. just the 2 of us. sorry. no one can come along and intrude! wahaha.

ok. now i need to get back to work.

busy busy busy. *sigh*