this was posted in as a reply in one of my post today. no name was left behind, but i know it’s you girl.

pei, thank you for leaving me with such memories. memories so fond that i’m touched to tears when i read. i guess you’ll be always special in my heart. *toast*

There are also many memories in me of you, the bad ones have been buried and shall never be dug up again, and the numerous touching and memorable ones sits in a memory chip embedded deep inside my brain cells…Just to list a few worth-mentioning ones dedicated especially to u…

U are that girl whom i could click the instant we knew each other during Sec 1 orientation… the girl whom i tot had quite ugly hair at a bit tomboyish at that time….but was very active and lively compared to the quiet and shy me…

U are that girl, whom my mom and sisters remembers till now…

U are that girl, whom i tot lead a good and carefree life coz ur mom did not control u like mine do…later to realise there’s sadness and loneliness during ur childhood …

U are that girl, who i shared and gone through the fun and torture together during our training as a junior in sjab… later our pride and joy after getting a 3rd place (if i remember correctly) for our 1st First Aid/Home Nursing Competition and during our days as senior cum mentor to the junior sjab cadets…

U are that girl, who always came across as stern and hard-hearted whenever u were the training NCO in sjab but deep down i know that’s only a diff side of u that u need to show becoz of your role..

U are that girl, who never had to do first-aid duty during our school and inter-school’s cross-country races.

U are that girl, who i always lookout for and hoping u are the first lady to appear at the finishing point during our school’s cross country races.

U are the girl, whose house i have been to the most no. of times amongst all my friends.

U are the girl, who transformed into a pretty chick since hair straightening and rebonding was invented.

U are also the ‘Maggie Cheung’ look-alike girl, with that sexy thin lips and charming eyes.

U are the girl, who was so sociable and easy-going, could click with everyone of my friends and became my partying ‘kaki’ during my ‘chionging’ days …remember our Summer Rain and Square Rooms?? Hee…

U are the girl, whom i always tot of when it comes to sports or even extreme sports…coz u were always so sporty and energetic.

U are the girl, who didnt mind me and stayed by my side even when i started dancing.

U are also the girl, whom i always buy a gift for whenver i travel …and vice versa too (*wink wink back)

U are the girl, when we fail to keep each other up to date or meet up often, is still the one i think of sharing my joy and worries with.

U are the “mother”, whose hamsters given to me 2 years ago had passed away and started my liking for hamster as a pet.

U are the girl, whom i admire for the love and devotion u give to your loved ones.

U are the girl, who never fails to msg me Happy CNY even when she is in Msia.

U are the girl, who has also seen me through each and every guy that i have been with… and that will happen till my final and last love..

U are the girl, that i definitely want as a bridemaid as well (let’s see who gets married 1st then).

U are the girl,lady and woman next time… who is and will be my dearest in my heart.

And the list goes on…. but you are and will always be the one with that special memory chip in my brain who will share my ups and downs, see me walk down the aisle holding on to my husdand in my wedding, age together (hopefully not! but we have to accept that fact), start our own families and our kids will be the best of friends too…
Cheers to our everlasting friendship! *Toast*!

ugly hair! *sobs* haha. and hard-hearted. these makes me smile amidst my tears.