farewell lunches are rather rampant these days. almost weekly, I hear news that someone is leaving. I know, its a fact of life. people come and go.


it just gets a little harder to bear when its someone when you are quite pally with

coreen (who is leaving), jasmine, Janna and myself. self-taken shot on my HTC one x.

our food! we had lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, the little fish shop (greenwood fish bistro). I had 5 fresh oysters as starters and man.. its really a lot more worth it dining there for lunch.


food from left to right, top down:
clams in white wine and garlic
fish and chips (house speciality!)
vongole spaghetti (my lunch, and no.. I didn’t.get seafood overload)
seafood pasta in cream sauce (absolutely delish!)
fresh oysters (my first love)
spicy marinana linguine


the lunch very much made up for the sadness I was feeling about losing yet another colleague. haha. my stomach rules. but, com’on.. I am absolutely thrilled at her determination at carving out a career for herself and she is one of the most focused, self-motivated individual that I know who constantly better herself with every ounce of energy she has and plans her time meticulously down to the seconds. ok. I exaggerated, but you get the drift.


she’s off to turning her part time job into a full time job in real estate so if any of you need a contact, let me know and I can pass you her contacts. you’ll definitely be in good hands with her.

us, and our lovely lunch.


today marks her last day in the company, and while she’ll be gone as a familiar sight in the office, I know I have a friend for keeps.