yes u are hearing it right.

despite what your reactions might be, im gonna say my side of the story.

i am getting FATTER.

you know are fat when..

your favourite rings which used to be a tad too loose, now fits snugly and even leave rings marks after you have taken them off.

your watch actually becomes uncomfortable to wear, imprints of the back of the watch on your wrist, after you take it off

your grandma whom u last saw in july, says u have grown fat at first sight of you.

your poly friend who dates you out for dinner commented that you have put on quite a bit of weight and aint as toned and fit anymore.

u look ugly in the clothes u used to like.

you cannot fit into your levis jeans and had to leave the top button open, and cover it up with a belt.

your tummy bulges into a big mass the moment you sit.

your boyfriend CONSTANTLY reminds you that you are getting fatter and fatter and its time to lose some weight.

your boyfriend’s mother actually tells you that you have grown fatter.

the weighing machine shows that your weight as 48kg when it previously used to be 42..

your mum refuses to let you eat too much rice even though you are damn hungry, and nagged abt growing fat.

your best guy friend teases you and poke his finger at your tummy when u guys go wakeboarding.

pictures of you in bikinis are not that nice to look at anymore.

somehow, pictures of your face seemed a lot rounder than it used to be.

i am super demoralised and its not doing anything good to my already low self-esteem. despite me being determined to stick to an exercise regime, somehow, i never found enough time to. i think my life is hectic. the only time i can sit down and not do much is during work. everything after working hrs is like a whirlwind.

meet-ups with friends, classes to attends, homework to do, gadgets to fix, stuff to wash, pictures to sort, cleaning up to do. every night, im so ready to plop.

last night, i fell asleep while writing christmas cards, with the pen in my hand. i woke to find a BIG smudge on the card that i have written halfway. Grr.

i know, prioritise right? but everything is important to me. i wouldnt sacrifice time with friends. and i hardly blogging at night these days.

and you know u are gettiing senile when..

you wrote on a piece of paper to grab wrappers for the presents, but ended up home without them.

you took the same route to class for a year now, and on the last 2 occasions, took the WRONG bus TWICE to school and couldnt quite remember which are the buses you can take. (and i still cannot recall!)

you keep forgetting the dates you had, even though you wrote them down on your calendar.

and oh, yes. i am super uber duper BROKE.

i splurged my entire month’s pay and my savings of last month. all on christmas pressies. and yet, it doesnt seemed like that much money when i bought them. and i actually spent a couple of hundreds last night, in Kovan, the heartland mall. am actually amazed that i can spend that much in such a small mall.

here are some of the presents that i have already given out..

1. oakley shades and cross stitch to wei
2. oakley shades, levis jeans, RL bag & DKNY pouchie for myself… (contemplating that titanium tiffany’s ring..)
3. swasrovki crystal hp accessory + RL sling bag for aunt (tho she wont get it till she’s back for CNY)
4. cross stitch to mich

there are a whole lot of other presents and i spent 3 hours last nite preparing and wrapping some of the pressies. Gave 8 presents away this morning, but i shan’t disclose the details cos i dont think they have opened any yet. will load a picture up when i can find the time…

and now, its back to work.