i’m really touched by people that have offered to contribute to my fund raising project. I had really meant it as a joke, but i’m now left with only $150 to raise!

Brandon prob saw my entry and sent me a msn msg to say he’ll change his contribution to $25!

so now.. i have the following santas/santarina..

wwenzz – $30
Brandon – $25
silli_boi – $10
emper0r – $10
sepps2 – $10
Balance to raise: $120
last updated: 11.42am

I is a happy girl.

[edit: 9.55am]
ok, one of the santas is bugging me for my account number.. so here it is:

dbs savings plus account: 051-9-017599

anonymous donors are welcome too! *winks*


in other news, people in the office have commented that i am relatively chirpy these days. being happy is good.. cos it’s infectious and i hope the people around me will be happy too!

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