it seems like the whole world is rooting for me to buy Fate (the old model of my Oakley for those who don’t know!)..

brandon says he’ll accompany me to go buy and he’ll pay the $5 of the $205. silli_boi says he’ll sponsor $10.. so is anyone else willing to chip some moolah for my fate fund raising project?


com’on, it’s the spirit of giving and sharing.. surely i deserve something? *winks* i have been a really GOOD and NICE girl……

[edit: 12.22pm]
ok.. i have an anonymous santa that’s giving me $10 to my fate fund! Whee!!

$180 more to raise? anymore santas? 🙂


ok, that aside..i think i am on my road to becoming a deity. last nite, i reached home at 5am, and this morning, im here at work.. im quite surprised at how willing i was this morning to get out of bed. i didn’t had to drag..

i think sleep is secondary to me when i am having a lot of fun.. my idea of fun? sitting in a car and chatting with a fren with heavy raindrops pouring down on us and the beautiful streaks of lightning flashes. sometimes, you don’t need to do a lot of happening things.. it’s the company the matters.

anyway, have been wanting to get a gift for him, but i haven’t had the slightest clue what to buy.. *sigh*

ok. just lost my train of thoughts. time to get back to work.

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