The weekend has been hectic and expensive. 2 weddings, an emcee job, a run event, doc in the middle of sat’s night ($125 bucks!),work, and quite a load of techie issues (pc/notebook/powerbook) to resolve before my uncle head back to seattle this morning.

I slept at 4am last night. Am on leave today, but i cancelled my leave this morning and am now on the train to work.

Too much to be done, too little time. Had to send some press release out today. =(

The emcee job last night. I hope i did a well enough job. It was a simple wedding, but i could feel the happiness all round. Everyone seems accomodating and nice. Like a small, closely knitted bunch. Maybe this is how weddings should be, small cosy event.

Ok. Onwards to another new week!

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