Feeling really loved today! I woke up real early and was out of the house before 7am!

On the way to airport to fetch der, who is coming back from Milano!

I had a long wait in the airport, because one of his luggage was missing in action and by the time he found it and finished paying the taxes, it was 10 mins to 9am and I had to rush to work. Totally wrecked my plans of a leisure breakfast to catch up on the lost week. I still managed a quick breakfast at the airport, updated him on the happenings and the to-dos for today in between mouthfuls of mee siam and my iced tea. And I got a pleasant surprise!

Present! A Marc Jacobs ring that fitted me perfectly.

He also got me a Marc Jacobs tote that I didn’t manage to talk a picture of. Will attempt to take that tonight if I have the time.

I got into work and found more love!

Been trying to find these pens every where and I couldn’t find them in the shops at all. These pens are really good for circling my ads cos they are very smooth to write on (tho any colored pen or marker does the job fine as well). Courtesy of gen who is from my agency.

It’s Monday and feeling really great today! Hope everyone have a great week too!

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